Monroe Louisiana | Google Street View Noir

Apologies for my clunky prose. I’m much more comfortable showing than telling. I miss my hometown of Monroe.  It’s interesting, how where you grow up just kind of stays in your DNA. I miss the river, my old friends, my grandparents (rest in peace) and the rest of my family( though they’ve all moved away), fried catfish, hushpuppies, crawfish, cheap thrills, nice people, the woods and exploring what’s left of our downtown.  I really miss a time that has passed.  While putting off doing more pressing things, I hopped on google street view and wandered through the places where  I became a visual person in the 80’s.  That time when I started to realize what I could do with a camera. When I began  to look around and be curious and find the beauty that’s already there, but overlooked. Once you open your eyes you’re never bored.

Here’s a view of Adams Street in color.